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Our restoration-ready Defenders are an integral part of the build price.

We consistently acquire and maintain an inventory of corrosion-free left-hand drive D90, D110, and D130 Land Rover Defenders across Europe, specifically chosen for export to the United States, and Texas. The Royal Street Rovers Built to Order Land Rover Defender Experience offers a comprehensive turn-key solution.

Dependable, Powerful, and Fuel-Efficient

Royal Street Rovers Engine Performance Package enhances the 300 Tdi and TD5 (Canada Only) turbo diesel engines, making them even more reliable and delivering a substantial boost in power for city and highway driving without compromising off-road capabilities. Preserving the original engine configuration ensures that the resale value of your Land Rover Defender remains 35-50% higher compared to replacing it with a non-original motor. Explore additional drivetrain options: 300 TDi, GM LS3 / 6 Speed Automatic, Tesla Electric, and Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel. Embrace the spirit of adventure, especially in the southern part of USA.

Exact, Luxurious, and Competent

Whether you choose to lift it, lower it, or maintain the stock ride height, it’s all good. At Royal Street Rovers, we tailor your suspension to your specific needs using cutting-edge components. Navigate the roads of Texas’ southern region without spilling a drop of your coffee, and embark on off-road adventures with unwavering confidence. The Royal Street Rovers Suspension Package guarantees precise steering, accuracy, and the elimination of body roll or sway, ensuring an adventurous journey through the heart of Texas.

Interactive Displays, Musical Bliss, and Cozy Rides

Royal Street Rovers offer a range of options for your Defender adventure in the southern part of Texas. Opt for Apple Carplay with Voice Control, Hi-Fi Audio Surround Sound, Satellite connectivity, Alexa, Google Assistant, a Backup Camera, GPS Security Tracking with Alerts and Immobilizer, Police Laser Jammer/Radar Detection, Power Windows, Central Door Locking, LED Courtesy Lighting, and Heated Seating. Craft your own bespoke, “built to order” Defender experience, tailored to your desired level of modernization, and set out for thrilling adventures in the heart of Texas.

Adventure-Ready All Day Long

Indulging in a Royal Street Rovers Built to Order Defender is akin to immersing yourself in an English Library, seated on a luxurious Leather Chesterfield sofa meticulously crafted and tailored just for you. The premium leather adorning a Royal Street Rovers Bespoke Defender is thoughtfully sourced from the Scottish Highlands, with each seat panel, door card, and dash meticulously hand-stitched to perfection. Elevate your experience by choosing from a selection of over 110 different leathers and fabrics to create a bespoke interior that perfectly complements your sense of adventure.

Designed with the spirit of Southern USA exploration in mind, the Royal Street Rovers Defenders offer a unique blend of comfort and rugged durability. The seating options cater to various family sizes and hobbies, ensuring you have the perfect configuration for your journey through the Southern landscapes. All seats come with heating features, and many boast lumbar support, ensuring a comfortable ride regardless of your height. Immerse yourself in the adventure of the Southern USA with a Defender tailored to you through the Royal Street Rovers Sizing Process.

Resale Value and Cost of Ownership

Indeed, Land Rover Defenders come with a higher price tag compared to most contemporary mass-produced vehicles. However, the cost of owning a Land Rover Defender is relatively lower, as it avoids regular tune-up expenses (limited to oil changes, filter replacements, and tire rotations) and lacks a complex computer system that can incur substantial repair costs. The timeless Real British Made Defender is no longer in production, leading to a restricted supply, and genuine, high-quality British-made Defenders are seldom available from individual sellers, contributing to their elevated prices. With demand consistently surpassing supply, Defenders have seen an annual appreciation of approximately 20% in recent years, making them a top choice for investment. Notably, Defenders have been voted among the top 10 vehicles for investment purposes for several years. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that you can enjoy adventurous drives in the southern part of the USA without negatively impacting their resale value. Incorporating the Royal Street Rovers Brand and Certificate of Authenticity further enhances resale prices.

Originally designed for farmers, Defenders have been transformed by Royal Street Rovers to cater to everyday individuals, like myself, who commute to and from work and embark on adventurous trips across the scenic landscapes of the southern USA.

We’ve modernized the transmission, introducing a highway 5th gear, transfer case, and front and rear transmission that not only operate more quietly but also offer enhanced comfort at highway speeds. To complement the thrill of higher speeds, we provide an upgraded braking package that ensures swift and secure stops. Our larger multi-piston brake calipers and oversized cross-drilled brake rotors serve as the perfect enhancement for those seeking even faster stopping power compared to our base 4-wheel disc brake system. (We also offer automatic transmission conversions).

other questions

The brief response is affirmative! At the core of every Royal Street Rovers Defender lies a meticulously restored and exceptionally capable platform. We have the capability to elevate this even more, crafting fully-equipped expedition vehicles featuring a wide array of overland accessories and heightened suspension packages. Explore our Adventure builds for a dose of inspiration, particularly tailored for thrilling expeditions in the southern part of the USA. On the other hand, certain buyers opt for a road-centric configuration, choosing options such as a 2-inch lowering kit, road-tuned suspension, and larger diameter alloy wheels.

Our 200Tdi engines promise an estimated 26-28mpg*, while the 3.5L V8 gasoline engines are expected to achieve around 16-18mpg*. It’s important to keep in mind that these figures serve as a general reference, as factors such as driving conditions, climate, and terrain can influence fuel economy. Explore the Southern charm of the USA with Royal Street Rovers and embark on adventures fueled by performance and efficiency

All Royal Street Rovers builds come equipped with air conditioning. Front air vents are seamlessly integrated into the dashboard. Additionally, we offer the option to install heated seats in both the front and center rows.


Royal Street Rovers is the world’s premier builder of classic Land Rover Defenders. Our Defenders are made to order in our USA and Europe locations.

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