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We believe that every land rover running in the world is a result of an idea and every idea has a cause.

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Our custom Land Rover Defender interiors are meticulously crafted with premium materials and a focus on every detail. From the seats to the lighting, every aspect of the interior is tailored to deliver the ultimate driving experience.

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Take on any terrain with our D110 trail truck build, equipped with performance suspension, rugged tires, and a 300TDI.

Explore the world in style and comfort with our this beautiful and functional rig. Contact us to start your build today.

Defenders for Investors and Car Enthusiasts

Due to the volatile stock and real estate market, more individuals than ever are moving their savings into tangible collectibles like art, antiques, jewelry, watches and classic cars which has driven a specific interest in RSR. Royal Street Rovers is classified among investors as The Premier Investment Quality Defender. A Royal Street Rovers is a fusion of classic luxury and modern design, tech and performance while staying true to the ethos of the original engineers in Solihull UK. The value of a proper Defender (non engine swapped) has increased in value by 480% over the last 10 years which has outpaced the stock market. So one must decide their financial goals and if they are in the market for a hot rodder engine swap Defender that has proven to depreciate at auction or an Investment Quality Defender that has increased in value at auction that can be driven, enjoyed and passed on as an heirloom investment or sold eventually.

RSR is a Fusion of Classic and Modern

Discover extraordinary Land Rover Defender restorations with Royal Street Rovers – revered by collectors for their timeless style and modern performance. Choose from a range of powerful engines and transmissions to create your dream Defender.

We push performance limits without sacrificing the Defender’s collectible value. Options like the 300 Tdi Turbo Diesel, GM LS3, or Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel, plus manual or automatic transmissions, deliver a truly personalized driving experience.

Own a piece of automotive history with exhilarating power and enduring value. Welcome to the world of Royal Street Rovers.

Performance without Sacrificing Collectible Value

Experience the extraordinary with Royal Street Rovers’ meticulously restored Land Rover Defenders—revered by collectors worldwide. We offer a range of powerplant and transmission choices, ensuring the perfect setup for your needs. Embrace the timeless allure of the Defender, seamlessly blended with modern performance enhancements.

Royal Street Rovers pushes performance boundaries without compromising the iconic Defender’s collectible value. Choose from powerplants like the 300 TDi Turbo Diesel, GM LS3 with 6-Speed Automatic, or the Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel. Tailor your driving experience further with classic manual or smooth automatic transmissions.

Discover exhilarating power, refined handling, and enduring collectible value. With Royal Street Rovers, you’ll own a thrilling piece of automotive history that will be cherished for generations. Welcome to the world of extraordinary restorations.

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Royal Street Rovers is the world’s premier builder of classic Land Rover Defenders. Our Defenders are made to order in our USA and Europe locations.