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Our passionate team of experts performs a meticulous body-off restoration on every Defender. This means we disassemble the entire vehicle, down to the last bolt, for a comprehensive rebuild. We use only the finest parts, ensuring longevity – each nut and bolt is wax-oiled for ultimate rust protection.

No matter your adventure calling, we can revive your dream Defender. From classic NAS-inspired models to rugged Tomb Raider replicas, soft-top 90s and hard-top 110s, Beachcomber soft-tops, to workhorse pickups and spacious 130 double-cabs, we bring all Land Rover Defender configurations back to glory.

Our commitment to quality ensures your Defender conquers any terrain, for years to come.


At Royal Street Rovers, we believe in a collaborative journey to create your perfect Land Rover. Whether you choose inspiration from our curated Royal Street Rovers builds or dream up a design from scratch, our team of experts is here to guide you. We’ll work together to craft a truly unique and handcrafted Defender that reflects your personality and embodies our passion for these iconic vehicles.


We take the time to understand your vision, be it conquering off-road adventures, navigating city streets, or anything in between. By carefully considering your intended use, we can ensure your Royal Street Rovers Defender is perfectly tailored to your needs. We relish hearing your ideas – our engineers thrive on creativity and embrace any challenge you present. Once your specifications are finalized, the excitement truly begins as your build slot transforms from a number into a personalized rebirth program for your dream Land Rover.

Our Process


Our Process


The chassis is the cornerstone of our Land Rover Defender restorations. Just like a building needs a strong foundation, a restored Defender needs a meticulously inspected chassis. That’s why we take a body-off approach, allowing our skilled engineers to thoroughly examine the entire frame for integrity.


We then meticulously clean the chassis down to bare metal using a multi-stage process. This allows us to identify and address any minor imperfections through expert welding and repairs. Finally, the chassis undergoes a multi-layer protection process, including galvanization, priming, and our signature epoxy coating. This ensures exceptional longevity and sets Royal Street Rovers apart from the competition in both quality and value.


The chassis is prepped and ready to receive the Royal Street Rovers treatment for suspension, brakes, and axles. We’re providing a complete overhaul, including all new brakes and brake lines. Up front, we’ll be installing new ventilated discs for improved stopping power. The rear will get new discs and pads as well. Finally, to complete the package, we’re incorporating refurbished axles.

Our Process
Our Process


At Royal Street Rovers, we believe in lasting performance. That’s why we exclusively use brand new, remanufactured engines and transmissions in our Defenders. Our engines are meticulously hand-built by some of the most respected engineers within the Land Rover community.


Likewise, each Defender’s gearbox and transfer case undergoes a meticulous remanufacturing process by our own dedicated team of Land Rover specialists.


Royal Street Rovers shares the same meticulous approach to transmissions as we do with every aspect of our Defender restorations. We leave no stone unturned, ensuring your Land Rover performs flawlessly for years to come.


Manual Transmissions:

We completely rebuild your Defender’s manual transmission, retaining only the outer casings. Inside, everything is brand new – top-quality, British-made gearbox internals and upgraded clutch hardware. Our expert technicians meticulously inspect every component during disassembly, identifying any potential weaknesses within the powertrain.


Automatic Transmissions:

We offer a range of automatic transmission options to suit your needs, from the original 4-speed to a high-tech, 6-speed variant depending on your engine choice.

Our Process
Our Process


We take your Defender down to the bare essentials, meticulously cleaning and prepping both the exterior and interior panels for a flawless paint job. All floors, wheel arches, tubs, and inner bulkheads receive a coat of Raptor protective paint – a Royal Street Rovers signature.


This ultra-durable coating not only shields against rust but also adds valuable insulation and soundproofing for a quieter, more comfortable ride.


For doors, we only use brand new OEM parts to ensure a perfect fit and lasting quality. Additionally, we offer Zintec coated steel skinned doors as an upgrade. This advanced treatment combats the galvanic corrosion commonly found on older doors, providing an extra layer of protection for your Defender’s longevity.


At Royal Street Rovers, all our collision repairs are handled by experienced technicians in our state-of-the-art facilities. To achieve the most flawless finish possible, we meticulously paint each body panel individually after a complete disassembly of the vehicle.


Unlike some competitors who take shortcuts by painting with wings, bulkhead, and rear tub still attached, Royal Street Rovers never compromises on quality.

Our Process
Our Process


Upon receiving the refurbished body panels, our Royal Street Rovers engineers meticulously assemble the core components. The process begins with the installation of the rear tub, followed by the front bulkhead (after meticulous wiring loom and fuse board integration).


This robust foundation allows our team to seamlessly integrate the wings, doors, and complete the electrical system.


Every Royal Street Rovers restoration boasts a meticulously crafted custom center console featuring integrated USB and 12v power outlets, along with convenient light switches for added versatility. We enhance the driving experience with brand new windshields, available in both heated and non-heated options.


Additionally, we incorporate superior passenger compartment sound insulation and comprehensive rubber matting kits for all-weather protection.


To elevate your comfort, Royal Street Rovers Defenders come equipped with luxurious Alcantara headliners throughout. The second row and cargo area benefit from premium thermal and acoustic insulation carpeting, ensuring a refined and comfortable ride. And, for Defender 90 models, we include tailored rubber matting in the rear for optimal functionality.

Our Process
Our Process


Royal Street Rovers offers a comprehensive selection of bespoke upgrades to personalize your Defender restoration and make it truly your own.


Choose from a wide range of options, including air conditioning, auxiliary heaters, premium seating, and enhanced sound systems to create the perfect driving experience.


At Royal Street Rovers, each Defender undergoes a thorough inspection process before it reaches your doorstep. We put every vehicle through a minimum of 200 miles of test driving to ensure it meets our rigorous quality standards.


Once it passes our inspections, the Defender is sent to an independent garage for a full British MOT (Ministry of Transport) safety check or its European equivalent. This final step guarantees your Defender’s roadworthiness. Now, it’s ready to be shipped directly to you!

Our Process

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