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History of The Bracco italiano

The Bracco Italiano, a Hunt, Point, Retrieve (HPR) gundog, boasts an ancient and noble lineage. Its history stretches back to the 4th and 5th centuries, with mentions in written records of the time. By the Middle Ages, the Bracco had established itself as a distinct breed in Italy, prized by noble families like the Medici and Gonzaga. Dogs from their kennels were highly sought after, even deemed worthy gifts for royalty. One such record tells of chestnut Bracchi gifted to the Court of France in 1527.


The breed’s popularity surged during the Renaissance, a period when hunting feathered game was a prestigious and exclusive sport enjoyed by the Italian aristocracy.

History Continues...

The late 19th and early 20th centuries witnessed a decline in the Bracco Italiano’s numbers. However, the breed was saved from extinction thanks to the unwavering dedication of breeder Ferdinand Delour de Ferrabouc (1838-1913). Not only did his passion ensure the Bracco’s survival, but he also played a crucial role in shaping its future by creating the first drafts of the breed standard, ensuring the preservation of its unique characteristics.


Andre Granello's Bracco Italiano

While the exact origins of the Bracco Italiano remain shrouded in the mists of time, many believe it descended from a proud lineage combining the Egyptian hound and the Mollosus, or Persian Mastiff. This heritage imbues the breed with a powerful build and tenacious hunting spirit.

Early versions of the Bracco differed regionally. The “Piedmontese Pointer,” native to the mountainous Piedmont region, was smaller and lighter in build, sporting striking white and orange markings. Its agility made it well-suited to navigating challenging terrain. Conversely, the “Lombard Pointer” from Lombardy was taller and heavier, sporting white and chestnut colors. Over time, these distinct types interbred, resulting in the more uniform size and build we recognize today. However, even within this uniformity, individual Bracchi might show hints of their lighter or heavier ancestral lineages.


In Italy, the Bracco Italiano reigns supreme as a working gundog. No other breed surpasses its popularity in field trials, showcasing its exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to the hunt. This deep-rooted tradition speaks volumes about the breed’s esteemed position within the Italian sporting community.

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